ISCABBS is a clunky old text BBS that I've been on for thirteen years or so, featuring a couple hundred specialized discussion forums and instant ("eXpress") messaging -- an edifice of attractively-if-inexpertly carved wood in the cheap garish plastic world of the web.  It's a pretty well-matured community by internet standards, which is to say it's got a lot of decade-or-more veterans, and starting to starve for new blood.  It's been growing a little bit overmoderated lately, as its old-hand admins burn out and get replaced by officious insectile newbies aroused to erect-nippleosity by the heady musk of petty authority, but if they can hang on for awhile without managing to alienate the entire userbase, they eventually relax.  In the increasingly rare instance of new members appearing, the passive organic collective behavior modification techniques work better than one might expect at screening in users who demonstrate some combination of  wisdom, intelligence, good humor, wit, and humility, and screening out the ill-mannered ranting morons (excluding, of course, the ill-mannered ranting morons who've been there since the beginning and have learned the tricks of being assholes without actually getting run out on a rail).  I like you; you seem like a nice person; you should join.