I'm 47, a Libra on the Scorpio cusp, married, with an unutterably adorable nine-year-old boy.   My eyes are bright blue, I've got no health problems except a little bit of psoriasis, congenitally crappy gums, and chronic (but nonetheless assiduously cultivated) flatulence. Yon hankie-head picture is about fifteen years old; I've quit smoking any number of times since then.  I'm a bleeding heart liberal freak, a cat person, and a fairly devout atheist (god splits the rent with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny).  No piercings or tats.  My hair is falling out faster than I can poke it back in.  My tested IQ has fallen anywhere from 145 to 171, probably depending on how much sleep I get.  I've got vast musical talent (insofar as such a thing as musical "talent" can be said to exist; frankly, I don't buy it, and come down firmly on the Nurture side of that debate) -- I can play pretty much anything more or less competently except wind instruments, which I haven't really tackled yet.  I'm an excellent writer & poet, a good woodworker, very mechanically inclined, and I'm not doing a goddamn thing with any of it because I'm also a LAZY SLUG.